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This platform is a social self experience that allows individuals striving to grow and succeed to take courses (we call them destinations but you don’t have to take them – it’s also a positive place just to keep in touch) alone, or with other travelers while keeping in touch and being supported by coaches, friends, family and new people!

A social Self experience.

‘S’ means Self. S Traveler is the place where we go on a metaphorical journey. A journey where you can fly solo or have others join you as you travel to destinations within yourself.

Does that sound cheesy? Yeah…we figured that, but hear us out!

Imagine a place where not only will you meet new friends or keep in touch with your old ones and family, but it’s a place that has self development courses that you access through an interactive world map that sits right in the middle of your social platform.

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Travel to places you’ve never been.

A community of open-minded people!

  • Anonymity is optional.
  • Post pics, updates and experiences in a positive place.
  • Meet new friends or stay connected.
  • Have fun growing and exploring!
  • Succeed in your life and help others do the same.
  • Courses accessible to all!

Are you an aspiring coach or motivational speaker? This platform is for you too!

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